Complete Factory Audit Report in China

Every retailer and importers must get a complete factory audit report while trading with the manufacturers in China. This is because there is a vast internal competition within its industries. China products are much in demand due to their quality and affordability. They are innovative products and demand is more in online channels than the retail market. The importers and retailers must conduct factory audits in China before starting to trade. It is advisable to hire the audit service from a third-party audit agency. They are affordable and do as per the industry standards in China.

Factory Compliance Audit in China

The factory compliance audit is necessary to see they have followed them or not. This kind of audit will make you clear they are in the business and have proper license and registration. You can know about its owner, their bank accounts and their creditworthiness. A third-party audit company can check the factory compliance details as same day service. This will ensure their business is ongoing and there are no issues as they follow proper factory compliances. The importer can move farther to give work orders after getting the factory compliance report from the audit company you have sent.

Social Compliance Audit

The social compliance audit is important to see how the work environment and labors are in a factory. This is because; a factory must follow labor compliance as per the local body rules and regulation. There are many cases in China, where there are many disputes happening with the workers and the owners due to non-compliances of statutory functions. The next part is to check worker safety in a factory. If they are not safe, the production process will get delay, in case of any accidents or mishap. Therefore, the retailers and importers can ensure their bulk quantity orders will not get delay due to non-social compliance in that factory. The importer must check the below mentioned details.

  • Any workers strike in the past and that may affect in the future.
  • The workers are paid properly.
  • The factory workers come under statutory compliance.
  • They are covered under the best insurance.
  • The factory has all employee safety and security while at work.

This kind of checks is necessary when the factory size is big. You must not get a delay in getting your ordered products. If the employee’s social compliance is met, they will be happy to work in that factory.

Factory audits in China by the importers are happening as the best practice to do business. The third-party audit companies are present to meet those factory audit services. It is advisable to do a full factory audit as they cover all types of factory audits. It is affordable than doing independently. The reputed audit companies in China have various factory audit packages for retailers. You can come under a package, which will be beneficial for you in terms of money and service they offer. They give a proper factory audit report in hard and soft copy.


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