Effective writing tips for your post free ads online

Effective writing tips for your post free ads online

There are a number of business owners who are not yet aware of the power of free classified advertisements. The fact is that news papers are not common, but same classifieds can be posted online itself. If you have something that you can sell, then online platforms are the best place for you to advertise.

Getting familiar with the truth

The fact that you need to keep in mind is that online classifieds are very much similar to offline traditional classifieds. You still need to follow same format when writing your first advertisement.

  • Head
  • Body
  • Offer

This is a simple formula that can be followed for writing any classifieds offline or online.

Where can online classifieds be used?

There are unlimited places where you can actually post your very first classifieds online. Some of the most common places for posting your very first classifieds may be PPC networks, social media, Twitter, emails, Ezines, banners, Reddit etc.

Why so many online classifieds are available?

There certainly may be more than one reason why more number of people make use of these advertisements. Some of the reasons are mentioned here below:-

  • They offer with best impact for your online or offline business.
  • They are able to grab attention of the customers instantly.
  • They are also very easy to be scanned.
  • They offer with immediate action from users.
  • They are also available for free.
  • They are mainly headlines.

Format to use when writing first advertisement

Writing classifieds may not be a difficult task for anyone. As it is easy to post free ads so they can be prepared instantly. These can also be posted on thousands of places at the same time.

When writing your very first advertisement, you need to follow basic rules.

Adding power to your very first advertisement may not be a difficult task for you. You just need to ensure that the advertisement you prepared should in fact be attractive and powerful. It should be able to create effect on the minds of the viewers.

  • An effective headline should be written for your classifieds ads. Try and make it short and simple for viewers.
  • Add a little story part to your advertisement. This will make up the body part of the classifieds.
  • Finally you may have to give details related to the offer you want to make. This can be an attractive offer for customers.

The moment you plan to write your advertisement following above mentioned format, the task becomes very easy. To post free ads you may not have to hire any professional.


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