How is Smartphone Technology Transforming the Trucking Industry

How is Smartphone Technology Transforming the Trucking Industry

In the past decade, smartphones have become an integral part of our life. Many of us cannot complete our routine without them, and it’s okay to assume that most of us are also dependant on our smartphones for completing our daily tasks.

From alarms without which we wouldn’t wake up easily for work,  food calorie trackers, fitness applications, online shopping apps, to reminders that are like our own personal assistant. Our phones have literally become our personal secretaries, and not many of us find a problem with that anymore, because who can have a problem with technology that’s getting work done?

Coming back to our topic of discussion, the trucking industry has used phones for a long time, even before smartphones were out. Ever since wireless calling technology was made cheaper and available to a large part of the population, truck drivers have used this technology to communicate with their employees and colleagues who can help them in navigation. Also, they can be used for truck monitoring by the owners, for accurately finding the truck GPS location through one click on their phones.

And it is no wonder that they’ve found a way for using smartphone technology to make the business flourish even more. From GPS systems to using apps which assist and manage their fleets to easy truck monitoring, truck fleet owners have a lot of options to assist them through owning and managing a fleet.

A study by Samsung showed that truck drivers all over the world used their phones as follows:

  • Making calls — 70 percent
  • Navigation — 55 percent
  • Texting or chatting — 51 percent

Most truck drivers currently use their smartphones for navigation, even in India. You can easily find the truck GPS Location through this kind of navigation. Not only this, smartphones are majorly used for fleet management by the owners themselves, as a mobile application is much more useful and convenient as compared to a website accessed by a bulky computer system, which decreases the access to the fleet management system due to its heavy nature.

Apart from that, many drivers haven’t been able to complete their education, while having appreciable driving skills. Voice assistants could tremendously help them out in finding their way around a new system. Not only that, smartphones also have a ‘voice-to-text’ feature which could allow them to communicate even when they’re driving on rough terrain.

Smartphones have logging systems which can use biometric (or a password/pin) system to keep a check on the working hours of your employees and drivers under the truck GPS navigation system. This helps in providing a hassle free payment system, which cannot be tampered with by anybody.

All in all, smartphones have been a boon for the world of technology, and can be used to grow the trucking business by multitudes, and take it to new heights. And with the kind of technology that’s being created, who knows, one day smartphones may be the only device we require for managing businesses.


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