How To Help A Friend Following A Tragic Death Of Their Loved One

How To Help A Friend Following A Tragic Death Of Their Loved One

You’ll never know when will tragedy strike. And under any circumstances, losing a loved one in a tragic, untimely way is a painful and shocking experience that can leave anyone devastated.

If your friend is going through this experience, sincere messages of sympathy can already go a long way. Some people, however, go the extra mile and send out customized Memorial gifts (like memorial wind chimes) to further express their love and care. In this feature, we’ll be giving you more ideas on how you can help a friend following the tragic death of their loved one.

Let them know you’re there. Just someone’s presence and a warm hug can do a lot of things to comfort a person who is grieving a loved one’s sudden death. Offer your shoulder for them to cry on and let them know they’re not alone.

Lend them your ears. When your friend is mourning, one of the things they’d want the most is a listening ear. Lend them yours and be patient when it comes to hearing them out. Show that you’re eager to know their sentiments.

Be careful with your words. If you are to give some comforting message, watch out for every word you say. It’s best to avoid the details of the tragedy (whether it be by accident, murder, or suicide). Instead, express how much you’re saddened about the news and tell how wonderful the deceased had been.

Give them memorial gifts. If you deeply know the bereaved, you can also prepare memorial gifts to help them remember the deceased. It can be personalized photo albums or memorial wind chimes.

Be the first to offer them help. Apart from sympathy gifts, you can also offer the gift of service. Take the initiative to offer assistance in their household chores (like cleaning the house, doing the laundry, or paying their bills).

Be there for them even after the funeral. Grieving for someone’s death has no expiration date. Even after the funeral service ends, you have to let your friend know that you’re still there for them. Ask them how they’re doing every now and then and take time to offer help even in the littlest way possible.

Offer assistance during special occasions. The best time to provide assistance is during special occasions like death anniversary and birthday. Help your friend in holding such events and be consistent in showing your care — expressing sympathy is not a one-time thing.

Observe and watch out for possible negative behavior. Psychologically speaking, tragic death is a trauma that can bring about negative effects to the bereaved. As a friend, you have to be responsible for observing whether or not your friend is exhibiting destructive behavior. Inform their family and call for professional help to address the issue.

Don’t be afraid to include the deceased in your everyday conversations. This will help in keeping the memories of the deceased alive. Apart from giving memorial gifts like memorial wind chimes, you can also indulge in activities like poetry or diary-writing to help the grieving immortalize their fond memories of their loved one who has passed away.

Memorial gifts are perfect if we want to celebrate the lives of our dearly departed. At Remember Me Gifts, we have items such as memorial wind chimes that can help honor loved ones who have passed on.


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