Our Guide To Preventing Varicose Veins

Our Guide To Preventing Varicose Veins

Often dark purple or blue, varicose veins may be termed as the ones that are swollen, enlarged or twisted and are caused due to the flow of blood in the wrong direction in the veins. They could occur because of blood pooling too. It is the faulty valves in the veins that are behind these two occurrences that lead to varicose veins. Those suffering from this disease often complain of swollen ankles, aching legs or spider veins. Pregnant women and obese guys are more susceptible to this ailment that must be treated in time otherwise they could lead to complications. Patients could approach the competent London varicose veins treatment clinic for good relief.

Preventive measures – Patients with varicose veins must emphasize on the following to prevent the disease –

  1. Simple healthy diets – Fiber-rich food should be taken that help in lowering cholesterol and reducing blood pressure that is often behind the disease. Intake of excessive salt should be avoided as it would be helpful to retain water in the body and reduce swelling problems in the varicose veins.
  2. Exercising – Going for jogging and walking on a regular basis helps in improving the flow of blood in the legs and other body parts. It is good for the patients that suffer from varicose veins and the related side effects. The circulatory system gets improved with exercising that could include running and cycling too.
  3. Say no to smoking – Varicose veins could occur due to heavy smoking that puts adverse effects on the flow of blood. It could pool into the legs that suffer from varicose veins. So it is good to get rid of this bad habit that is behind the varicose veins issue.
  4. Avoid high-estrogen birth control pills – Pills rich in high levels of progesterone and estrogen could run the risk of developing varicose veins in the body. Likewise, the hormone replacement therapy could also lead to this disease. Valves in the veins could weaken because of excessive use of estrogen and progesterone that could affect the circulation in the legs in an adverse manner. As such lower doses are suggested for the patients.
  5. Avoid exposure to the sun – Fair complexioned guys exposed to excessive sun rays are more prone to varicose veins. Risk of developing skin cancer also occurs because of staying in hot sun rays for prolonged periods. As such the guys working for long in the sun should make use of sunscreens and other preventive devices.

The cheapest home remedy to prevent varicose veins is avoiding standing for long and sitting properly. The other fruitful method is elevating the legs as and when possible. These three home treatments work wonders and do not cost any money. Why not approach London varicose veins treatment clinic for instant and permanent relief.


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