The Latest Version, Vidmate 2018

Vidmate 2018 is an application available for Android users, owned by the Alibaba group of companies, which downloads media from various sites on to the gadget. It downloads various types of media, like films, music, videos and so on, from multiple sites, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and many others.

The Vidmate 2018 is simply an updated version of its presiders and continues to perform the basic function of downloading media from various sites.

What is new?

. Better quality downloads

As mentioned above, Vidmate 2018 is an updated version of the Vidmate apps. One of the most important developments is the increase in the quality of downloaded videos. Vidmate is known for the quality of its downloads and the updated version just enhances the emphasis that Vidmate places on viewer’s satisfaction. What’s better is that users can set the quality at which they want the video to be downloaded.

. Supports more websites

Previously Vidmate only supported an extremely selected range of websites, from which it would download various types of media. In the updated version, over 1000 different websites, including Tumblr, are supported to download media from.

. Can convert to MP3 and MP4

The best update on this application is that now it the application can now not only download various media from websites but will also convert videos into MP3 or MP4 formats. This is an extremely helpful feature, as it not only enables users to download videos and watch them later but also ensures that these videos or soundtracks of these videos can be transferred on to a pen drive and be heard while travelling or at work. This feature has added immense value to the application and has increased consumer satisfaction by leaps and bounds.

. Simplification of the process

The whole process of downloading a video has been immensely simplified in the Vidmate  2018.  An already simple process has become even simpler and takes even lesser time to complete. And the icing on the cake is that the app has become even faster and most of the technical glitches have been ironed out.

. Convenient

The app is extremely convenient to use and doesn’t take up much space.

. Quality

The app does not distort the quality of the video at which it was downloaded. This ensures that a 720 HD video can be viewed at the same quality after it has been downloaded.

. Safety

The new version comes with more safety measures. It also ensures that any information that is given by the customer is voluntary and is highly confidential.

To sum it up, the new Vidmate 2018 app is everyone’s delight. Customers are gushing over its new and highly beneficial features.¬† Like the previous versions, this app can be downloaded from the official website of the app. If Vidmate 2017 was good, Vidmate 2018 is exotic. Everyone who has ever complained of how much data and storage they are wasting on downloading videos needs to try this app as soon as they can, and they will not be disappointed.


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