Tourist Attraction To Be Added In Manali Tour

Tourist Attraction To Be Added In Manali Tour

Manali is situated in the high altitude of the Himalayan resort town, in the Northern state of India, Himachal Pradesh. It always had a reputation of backpacker’s travelling and honeymoon destination. There was a time when Manali was the capital of backpacking in India. Now it has become famous among the hill stations in India, where tourists come in a bunch every year in the peak of summer season as well as winters. As a city, it is situated on the Beas River and a gateway for skiing in the Solang valley continues with the adventurous trekking in Parvati Valley. Manali also has jumping points for paragliding, rafting and mountaineering in the Pir Panjal Mountains, it is home to four thousand meters high Rohtang Pass. Get some great Manali tour packages for your visit to Manali and explore this beautiful place.

Exploring the local area of Manali

In the local city area, Mall road and its bazaar are the town’s focal point, while Old Manali neighbourhood is home to traditional stone buildings, apple orchards and Hindu temples. Manali creates a kind of travel mindset. There are different types of travellers that the city welcomes every year. A family bonding traveller, who comes with their families, a couple of travellers come every year, as it’s a famous honeymoon destination in India. Solo travellers come to Manali for some solitude, where they can be themselves. Group of friends travelling to Manali always seek for adventure. They explore more with more passion and enthusiasm. As Manali is a place to explore and the best idea to explore this place is by getting some good Manali tour packages so you don’t find any trouble in a new place.

Spending a morning time in Manali

The river Beas flows through Manali and chances are that it will dominate the landscape during your stay in Manali. Travellers/visitors can enjoy their morning tea on the lawns over this river as while flowing, it makes music with birdsong. Enjoying this time with your family, partner or by yourself. One can read a book and be lost as mountains are lost in the clouds. Pack your bags, get ready and move towards the river for some rafting sessions.

Fruit market as a tourist attraction in Manali

Peach, plum, cherries, litchis, etc. all give way to apples. There are different colours of apples anyone can imagine. This means there is always a variety of fruits waiting for travellers to be enjoyed in Manali. In summer months, one can arrange a visit to fruit orchard or explore fruit markets of Manali, when shopkeepers/sellers are busy transporting fruits all over the country.

Himalayan spas in Manali

In the outskirts of Manali, there is a hot water spring flow where travellers can detoxify themselves naturally by the mountain running spring water. Travellers can go all the way to Manikaran, a religious place for Hindu and Sikhs. One can rejuvenate themselves by the hot medicated waters. A night can be spent at Manikaran.

Manali also has different sightseeing places like Parvati Valley, Old Manali, Manali market, Solang valley, Naggar Palace, etc. So, what are you waiting for just reach out to internet and try finding some suitable Manali tour packages for yourself?


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